Ochi Brand Corp.

Have you been struggling with different skin care products
with no positive results? OCHI pure hemp oil is here for all your skin care needs.Whether
you are just a lover of authentic CBD skin care products or just looking for healthy and
vibrant skin, we got you covered with the first full spectrum PCR hemp oil extraction added
to both vitamin C and Instant Wrinkle Repair serums.
Ochi pure hemp oil products are a safe, Full Spectrum CBD skincare solution for the face neck
and chest for both men and women. Crafted with precision to complement your skincare maintenance
and daily routine to help you improve your natural appearance. Notably, the benefits of vitamin
C and instant wrinkle repair serums are incorporated in our products thereby making our formula
stand out from our competition. Discover the most beneficial and newest ingredient in the skin care
industry and pamper yourself with the best combination of natural ingredients.
Rich with authentic 100 % USA grown organic hemp. Our CBD is coming from the highest grade of
pesticide-free, non-GMO and organic PCR Hemp oil extraction in the world. We source our
ingredients from an exclusive Industrial Hemp Farm in the USA. It is fully compliant with the State
Department of Agriculture regulations and is one of the largest US distributors of medicinal hemp
rich in CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN.

Company’s Mission and Values

OCHI pure hemp oil’s mission is to inspire healthier skin care through connecting people to authentic
and purely natural skin care products. Our values seek to reflect what we stand for, represent, and
commit to achieving, and who we are as an international company. These values are high-quality
products, transparency, customer satisfaction, and commitment.